August 1, 2015

I am happy that everyone had a good time today, especially the kids.

There are lots of people we need to thank. A few notables:

Jennifer, who I’ve known since we were 9, flew in from Calgary this morning just to come to the party and will fly home tomorrow.

Our superheroes, Dave, Carlos, Erin and Jamie (and Million Dollar Smiles for loaning us the costumes).

Nick, for painting the clothes lines from which we hung our Odd Socks.

Pauline for table clothes, centrepieces, cookies, and toys.

Glady for the Oddsocks cupcakes.

Kelly for cupcakes.

Our face painters, Abby and Toni, for creating some very scary and pretty faces.

Rowan, for manning the snow cone machine.

Kathy, for selling buttons (we raised $400 for OPACC!), and Stephen for making the buttons and donating time and materials.

Carolyn for organizing, delegating and just generally being awesome. Also awesome are Bevlyn, Amanda, Simon, Larry, Liisa, Julie, and everyone who helped set up, tear down, etc.

Zoe, for just helping me keep my shit together.

Jen for taking what I’m sure will be fantastic shots of the party.

Frank Nelson, for taking the time to come down from Barrie. It was an honour to meet you. Your strength and kindness are inspiring.

Our doctors who took the time to join us, Dr. Ana, Kevin, and Tammy Hermant. And our pharmacist!

Everyone who brought a piƱata – they were a big hit (see what I did there).

All of you who attended, we know you did so because you love us and you love Ollie, and you know what it meant to us to have this party for him. Thank you.

It was great to celebrate in a way that Ollie would have loved. But in a way, it hurts me, because he’s not here to enjoy it. My heart is full, but heavy, and I miss him so much.

Love you all. Xoxo

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