June 18, 2015

The rollercoaster continues. We are able to feel “normal” because of Jack, and because Rylie and Brodie are here. But there are many times when we are blindsided by the reality of Ollie’s absence.

Thank you to the friends who make a safe space to either be normal (I.e. Laughing our asses off, drinking in the backyard) or to talk about Ollie and all that that entails. You know who you are.

Thank you to my sister Zoe, the first person I called when Ollie died. She called funeral homes for us, sat with us and Ollie for hours after he died, just generally made herself available to us. We love you.

Thank you to our parents, who wait anxiously in the wings, hoping we will call on them for help. We will. The fact that you are there is what we need right now.

And thank you to all our family and friends. For coming out on Thursday, promising to come out on August 1st, or sending cards and/or flowers. We love you all. We hope you will think of us in the weeks/months/years to come, because we will still need you then.


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