June 21, 2015

Hi all. Good weekend. Friday was a ride in a Ferrari, Mohawk hair-do, and at least half of Inside Out;) Saturday we drive to Richmond Hill for a get together with Jennifer Dietrich, John Grande, Carolyn Fell, Sally Williams, Donal Lucey, David Ball, Vicki Badham, et al, and our date with Enzo Ferrari and Mustang Boss!

Today was hospital, only platelets required, so a quick trip. That left us time to visit with James Muirhead for Father’s Day. Ollie got to spend the afternoon with Nico Malevris, which involved video games, but a whole lot of trampoline time too.

I got to go for a walk on the boardwalk with some friends, then Jack, Ollie and I had fun on the trampoline.

Ollie is tuckered out but hopefully ready for a fun filled week!

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