June 17, 2015

Hi all. We are back from a fun time at GWL. The kids had a blast. It was so great to have cousin Jamie with us. Ollie really loves her. We had fun in the waterpark, arcade and playing MagiQuest (hence the wizard hat). Ollie pigged out (well, we all pigged out). This has been the best couple of days for us, in terms of having our “old” Ollie back. Tonight he even ventured to the backyard and played on the trampoline! Hope it lasts a while.

The plan for the rest of the week is hospital tomorrow, Friday morning we meet the doctor who will be our primary physician here at home. A friend has arranged for someone to take Ollie for a ride in a sports car (a Lamborghini I think) on Friday morning, then we are going to a get together hosted by a friend who has arranged for a ride in an Enzo Ferrari. Next week is a helicopter ride over Toronto, and hopefully watching Jurassic World. Other ideas I’m having include the Science Centre, Toronto Island, and perhaps Wonderland. Hopefully he’s up for it all.

I had a much needed dinner out with dear friends. It’s my version of Stuart’s hockey games. 😉

Thanks for all the messages, offers of help and food, boxes of Swiss chocolate, etc.

Love you all.

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